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Material Library at Delft University of Technology , August, 2011

Material Library  
Precious Pieces handcrafted washi parchment is now archived at Delft University of Technology. Having washi as a resource at such a prestigious institution will increase washi's exposure world wide and is a validation of washi's uniqueness.
Traditional approaches to materials selection often rely on previously used materials, which results in safe however limited solutions. Seeking alternatives particularly in a conceptual design phase leads designers to inspirational sources such as fairs, conferences and material exhibitions. In these inspirational sources, materials and products are presented as tangible samples which are also used as crucial references for ideas. Material samples also provide designers with the opportunity of experiencing the sensorial properties of materials which are considered one of the most vital aspects designers can harness for expressing certain ideas and notions through the materials of products. (quoted from Delft University of Technology website)
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