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16 - TSUCHI / Mother Earth

16-Tsuchi/Mother Earth

Sheet : 22" X 30"    No Large Sheet Available

Urushi authentic Japanese lacquer finish
on heavy weight washi parchment

UrushiUrushi (pronounced "oo-roo-shee") is one of the most durable natural lacquers known to man. Urushi lacquered ornaments have been discovered in Japan 9,000 years ago. In the west, these objects are also referred to as "japaned" objects.
Hardened urushi is water and acid proof, and also protects the object from heat, salt, mold and mildew and all types of weathering. It has been used on wood, pottery, bone, baskets, fabric and metal. Recently it has been successfully applied to washi parchment.
This strength combined with the natural beauty of urushi lacquer ware is the reason it has been so popular for thousands of years.

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