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Washi, architectural parchment, unmatched in its beauty and versatility, holds boundless possibilities for use in any interior architectural application.
From start to finish, washi is created using time-honored techniques with all natural ingredients made to fit your exact specification for your project.
With washi, the possibilities are unlimited.
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Door fabrication with custom washi and fine wood work is available in NY. Dimensions and sketches are necessary to proceed with shop drawing.

*Typical door / glass detail #1
*Typical door / glass detail #2

*Typical shoji screen detail

If you need additional design service, please click.
washi sliding doors washi sliding doors
washi wood framed sliding doors close up view of washi wood framed sliding doors from the other side.
closeup slidingdoors
close up view of sliding doors sliding doors with washi sandwitched by glasses

closeup closeup
fusuma sliding doors with hand-textured washi for En Japanese Brasserie, NYC fusuma sliding doors/ close up view
Traditional style sliding door Sliding door
Laminated glass door Lacqure finish door Pivot door
door-01ame door-02kumo door-06mado
Premium Parchment
Premium Parchment
Premium Parchment
portfolio 172 door-basic door-basic
Parchment BS-001 Basic
Sliding door (Premium Parchment 06-Mado) Sliding door (Premum Parchment 01-Ame)
Sliding door (Premium Parchment 01-Ame) Sliding door (Premum Parchment 06-Mado)
Sliding door Sliding door
Premium Parchment 30-Maru Premum Parchment 02-Kumo
►Mechanically bound between Glass / Acrylic ( inbetween glass/acrylic )
►Washi Art ( Framed art washi - see through type )
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