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Custom Design Guide
Washi, architectural parchment, unmatched in its beauty and versatility, holds boundless possibilities for use in any interior architectural application. From start to finish, washi is created using time-honored techniques with all natural ingredients made to fit your exact specification for your project. With washi, the possibilities are unlimited.

Our mission is to meet your exact specifications in providing large, exquisitely crafted pieces of the finest architectural parchment in the world. Custom pieces are our specialty, with seamless sheets available as large as 30 feet X 100 feet.
Precious Pieces brochure(10pages 3.07MB) Technical information(12pages 4.14MB)
Specifications for individual premium parchment How to customize your order(2pages 593KB)
See Premium Parchment Patterns
(36 patterns) .
Various sizes or binder available.
Make an appointment at our studio where you can truly experience the beauty and serenity of Washi.
Versatile custom ordering and large sheets are our speciality.
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