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Precious Pieces, Showroom
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Welcome to one-of-a-kind special work for you!
Precious Pieces is a full-service design / fabrication / installation company specializing in large, unique, and natural washi parchment for interior and exterior design, in fusion with customized wood work, glass work, and drapery/screen work. Precious Pieces provides clients with extraordinary services executed by creative, passionate, and knowledgeable individuals, and in partner with specialists of wood workers and suppliers.

Our mission is to meet your exact specifications in providing large, exquisitely crafted pieces of the finest architectural parchment in the world.
Custom pieces are our specialty, with seamless sheets available as large as 30 feet X 100 feet.
Precious Pieces
Phone: (212) 682-8505 *by appointment only Mon- Fri 11:00am - 5:00pm EST
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Precious Pieces offers you a complete package of schematic visual proposal to installation work such as :

1. Wall Decor (Wall art, Hanging art, Large tapestry format of decoration)
2. Illuminated Wall
3. Wall Coverings
4. Room Divider & Screen (Room divider, Singular form for partition, Sliding Screen)
5. Doors & Sliding Panel(Sliding door, Shoji screen, Cabinet door, Hinged interior door, Kitchen cabinet)
6. Window Treatment (Window shade, Sliding shade screen)
7. Lighting Fixture (Custom Lighting Fixture)
8. Furniture (Table top, Cabinet, Divider)
9. Signage (For exhibition, For restaurant, For showroom)
10. Products

►Custom Parchment Design Process

(Installation work only available in the NY Tri-State Area)
Precious Pieces works with your color scheme and dimensions. Each Parchment is handcrafted to your specifications. 3-6 Week lead time. F.O.B. NY. Parchment starts at $8/sqft.
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Our step by step designer's guide gives you an idea to create your parchment.
See Premium Parchment Patterns
(36 patterns) .
Various sizes or binder available.
Make an appointment at our studio where you can truly experience the beauty and serenity of Washi.
Versatile custom ordering and large
sheets are our speciality.
Precious Pieces brochure (10pages 2.40MB) Technical information (12pages 4.14MB)
Specifications for individual premium parchment How to customize your order (2pages 593KB)
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